Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet the Models

The children did amazing. I was really surprised. I had figured it would be awful because I knew there were a lot of outfits to be shot. The girls thought they were playing dress-up. It did however take us a really long time. Our shoot started at 11:00 A.M and we were not finished until 2:30, so it was a long day. However, when we were finished the girls were disappointed. They did a wonderful job, and so did the lady taking the pictures. I highly recommend Portriat Innovations in Greenville. Jennifer is amazing!!



~pictured in Pink Watermelon~

Joanna was the daughter of a friend of the lady who took my photos. She had never meet me or any of the other girls. She did amazing. You would have thought she had known us her whole life.

~Pictured in Go Tigers~

Blair is my cousins little girl. She is a rather shy little girl, so I didn't expect her to like having her picture taken. As you can see in the picture she is a mess. She laughed the whole time.

~Pictured in Lilly Pad~

Brayden in my cousins little boy. He also stayed with "Nanny Chrissy" for about a month while his mom went back to work. He is the most loving child. I just want to pinch his cheeks. He was the youngest model, and he did amazing. He cried when we were finished with him. He wanted to stay.

~Pictured in Flower Garden~

Kyleigh is my other cousin's little girl. She is a mess. She loves to dance, so catching a picture when she wasn't trying to dance around was a challenge. She was the oldest model and definatly the one with the most energy. Kyleigh was a premature and she and her family are greatly involved with the March of Dimes. You would never know she was a preemie now.

~Pictured in "Olivia" the Pig~

Alivia is my neice and the inspiration for all of my work. She is a very vibrant little girl who loves to dance. She stays with "Nanny Chrissy" during the school year while my sister works. She is very much an Aunt Chrissy's little girl. From being with me all the time and my obsession with pictures, she loves to have her picture made. She loved the photo shoot and asked when we were going back when we got in the car. She is my heart!!!

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