Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall is Here.....................

Meet the Fall Models

(picture in Ghosts and Goblins)
Pyper is the neice of the lady who took my photos. She is a precious little girl who wasn't so sure she liked the modeling thing:) I have never seen a child that takes pictures like her. She says cheese from the time she gets the outfit on. She is used to being the subject of photos as her Aunt Sheena is the photographer and takes her picture queit frequently!!!


(pictured in Minnie Mouse)

The one and only Alivia....She is my heart!!! She knows the drill and practices her smile and poses the entire morning before we go to have the pictures taken. Of all the Halloween costumes, she was pretty sure that she liked Minnie Mouse the best. I guess she takes after her Aunt Chrissy who loves Mickey Mouse!!!

Brayden & Alivia
(pictured in Harvest)
Brayden is a model from my first photo shoot. He is precious. He was sick on this day, so we didn't think we would have a great experience. Boy did he show us....He did great. He is a ham and loves to have his picture taken. This is one of my favorite Fall outfit pairs as it can be worn for Thanksgiving and Halloween. It also has a corresponding outfit for little boys and girls that alow you do dress them alike, but yet different.


(Pictured in Flower Power)

Flower Power is a great outfit in that it can be worn year round. The colors are great for summer and fall. In the summer it can be worn sleeveless and for cooler weather you just add a shirt. This Michael Bloom Carnival Bloom cloth is one of my favorite.


(pictured in Black Widow)

Brayden was quit found of the spider on his outfit. He kept pointing to it. I love this outfit too. It is a perfect little boy outfit, since they love bugs. It is perfect for Halloween too.


(pictured in Black Cat)

I love the orange and black polka dotted pants. They definatly look like Halloween!!!

I am currently finishing up my Winter Wardrobe. Hopefully they will be finished within in the next couple of weeks. I was hoping to have them all done at the same time, but due to some family circumstances things got put on hold for a few days. So I am a little behind on my winter clothes. I say behind, but when I tell people I am working on Winter clothes they tend to say that it's not even Fall yet.

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Michelle said...

Alivia is so cute. Emily likes Mickey Mouse now. Will have to show her this outfit!
Great job!