Friday, September 19, 2008

A Birthday Outfit fit for a Princess.......................

My Lil' Princess Turns 3

(Where does the time go?)

Aunt Chrissy & Her Princess
(Gotta love that face~ Trying to get potato chips off her lips:)

Alivia turned 3 on August 24th, and had her party at Pump It Up in Greenville. It seems like only yesterday she was born, and now she's three. No longer a baby, she's a little girl. She's the first to tell you she's bigger (with her little hands stretched as far as they will go in the air).

Alivia is quit sure that she is a Princess:) I am very sure that I had nothing to do with that at all:) So with that being said, we had to party Princess Style. Of course she had to have a birthday outfit, "Lil' Cupcake". Alivia came up with that all by herself!! And as I am sure you could guess that when ask what kind of cake she wanted her response was "duh a castle" (I get that duh from my bubby). Like really Aunt Chrissy what are you thinking. Of course she has to have a castle, she a princess right:) So off Aunt Chrissy and Alivia go to Michaels to find a castle cake........

Alivia's Castle Cake

(Aunt Chrissy was only up until 4 o'clock :)

Once at Michaels and we found the stuff to make the castle cake, we had to decide on a color. Alivia was quit sure that since Cinderella's dress was blue her castle was blue as well. Makes sense to me, so blue it is. She didn't get to see the finished cake until she walked into the room at Pump It Up and there it was all put together. You would have thought I had given her the moon!! She was so excited and responded to Cinderella at the door by saying I told you she'd like a blue castle:) No amount of money could make me feel as good as I did when she saw her castle all put together. I'd stay up to 4 in the morning all over again!!

A Princess and her Castle

So now the Birthday outfit.....

Alivia wearing "Lil' Cupcake"

The top is pink with white polka dots with a black background fabric with cupcakes all over it and a blue pant. The top is long enough that it can be worn as a dress and a undershirt can be added for cooler weather. Pretty enough for a Princess but yet functional enough for a hard day of play:) Back and side view

So all and all I would say Alivia had a wonderful birthday. She played until her little heart was content and then got way more toys than one child needs. This was really the first year she really got into the birthday thing, and now she is quit sure that she should get to do that again:)

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BrownBag*Boutique said...

Your outfits are so cute and I love the cake! I am looking forward to the festival in Pendleton on the 11th. Hate that I can't make it with you guys on the 4th!