Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parrkenon Photography & DSL Kids Cutest Kid Contest Voting!!!

Cutest Kid Contest

Parkkenon Photography and DSL kids teamed up to host a Cutest Kid Contest. The contestants are pictured below. Voting will end on June 22 and the Winner will be announced on June 24th.


Numbers go from left to right starting at top left corner
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Voting Ended 11:59 June 22, 2009....results will be posted no later than June 24th complete with 1st -3rd place and their prizes along with a breakdown of the top three contestants votes!!

Monica of Parkkenon Photography is wonderful to work with. Her photos speak for themselves. You can find a link to her site under my favorites to the right.
A very special thanks to all the parents for letting their little ones participate. Please keep us in mind for our Back to School Bash and Halloween Costume Contest that Monica and I will be hosting together.
Thanks again,


Misty said...

I really enjoyed this contest.I was a great idea.The outifts are precious yet they can still be kids and have fun all while looking adorable.The photos show so much character.Great job Chrissy and Monica.I really enjoy working with both of you.