Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween 2008...............

DSL's First Halloween

Halloween 2008 was DSL's fist Halloween of making costumes. I would like to first take the time to thank my many customers that helped to make DSL's 1st Halloween a great success. I am honored that you allowed me to take a small part in your child's Halloween.

Me and My Little Minnie Mouse and Hulk

Halloween represents to me one of the few Holiday's when kids are allowed to be kids. A day when they can truly be anything they imagine. I am sure my Alivia is like so many other children in that she wishes Halloween was everyday. She loves to play dress-up and would wear it everywhere we went were she allowed to do so. .

The imagination of a child is facinating to me. I am so honored to have been able to play a small part in bring so many children's imaginations to life this Halloween.......................

My Little Minnie Mouse "Alivia"

Alivia had an advantage, I guess, in that she was able to dress-up consistenly for five weeks for Halloween. She wore a different one of my costumes to dance every week the entire month of October:) But when it came time to decided what she wanted to be for Halloween, Minnie Mouse won hands down. She loved every minute of being Minnie Mouse, especially getting her face painted:)

A sweet little witch "Kyleigh"

Kyleigh and me

Kyleigh is one of my little models who came by to trick-o-treat on Halloween. Kyleigh made the cutest little witch with her dark hair and eyes. Kyleigh's mom actually got two costumes from me. One was a spider, which was beautiful, but Kyleigh had different plans. After wearing all the costumes for the photoshoot she was dead set on being a witch. As you can see from the picture above, Kyleigh won:)

Our little Minnie with the "real" Minnie

DSL makes it's first appearance at Disney!!! This little minnie was not only Minnie Mouse for Halloween, she got to wear her Minnie Mouse costume to meet Minnie herself. What a beautiful little Minnie Mouse!!!!! Thanks for allowing DSL to be a part of your Disney experience:)

A beautiful little bumble bee "Emily"

Emily looks like she's ready to fly

Emily is another one of DSL's models. She already had a Halloween costume, but after our costume photoshoot she decided she liked those wings:) Emily is the daughter of Michelle Patton of the Dotted Deer Boutique ( and Patton Photography ( ). Michelle makes beautiful jewelry and photos. She is the photographer of DSL Kids and we love her and our sweet little model:) Emily made a beautiful Bumble Bee!!!

A Devil and Angel pair of sisters

What a sweet little duo:)

What a wonderful idea... These little ones' mom had a custom request of these outfits for her daughters. The youngest was the devil and the oldest was the angel. However, they both look like beautiful little angels to me:) Our Little Angel and Devil went trick-o-treating at Kentucky Horse Park where the entered a joint Halloween contest and won 1st place. Congradulations to them on their win!!!

Little Minnie Katie and her dad

The night Katie got her costume

Katie made a beautiful little Minnie Mouse:) Katie's mom Lauren shared a story with me from the night Katie received her costume and I wanted to share it with all of you. Below is the message I received from Lauren........


I just wanted to let you know how much I LOOOOVE this costume. I got home last night with such anticipation. The result was that I was even more impressed with the Minnie costume than I thought I would be. My daughter is in a phase of loving all things Disney, and I didn't want to go with the regular Minnis costumes from the stores because I knew they wouldn't fit so well. So, I was excited to find your listing (via searching Minnie Mouse =) Anyway, the tutu is so nice and full and wasn't wrinkled one bit from shipping.I asked my daughter is she wanted to try it on (mind you, she will be 2 next month), and I wasn't sure if she would go for it. I put the tutu on over her outfit, put the ears on and told her to look in the mirror... She squealed with a little MINNIE!!!!! And asked for me to play some Disney Music (an old cd I had that she recenly discovered) and said Dance. She 'danced' around our house for about an hour last night and didn't want to take it off. I had to hide the costume after she went to bed for fear of her wanting to wear it every day before Halloween!!!Thanks again! You really made our Halloween!!! I will try and send a pic from Halloween once the day comes!


I am so glad that Lauren shared her story with me. I have shared this story with everyone. I am so honored to have been able to share in bring Katie's imagination of being Minnie to life. Oh, to be a kid again and find joy in the small things in life. To have the ability to dance like no one is watching in your Minnie Mouse costume. I hope that Katie continues to enjoy her Minnie Mouse costume, and even more than that may she always keep that childlike imagination and excitement and always dance like no one is watching.

My smallest Little Minnie

I met this litle Minnie's mom at a craft festival in Penndleton. She was my smallest little Minnie at 6 months old. She loved the ears once we put them on her, and didn't want to take them off:) Thanks for letting DSL share in your little one's first Halloween.

A sweet little ladybug "Lula"

Lula the ladybug took DSL all the way to England this Halloween. We had some complications with customs, but Lula finally got her Ladybug just in time for Halloween. Lula you made a beautiful Ladybug:)
A beautiful little Ladybug

What a beautiful little ladybug!!! If she is anything like Alivia, she didn't want to take her face paint off. Who can blame them though...the one time a year where they don't get in trouble for marking on themselves:) Her mom said that she loved her ladybug costume. I am so glad that she liked it:)

Another Little Minnie "Maggie"

Maggie made a beautiful Minnie Mouse with her long dark hair. From the looks of the picture Maggie is alot like my Alivia, in that she doesn't mind posing for the camera!!

Another Little Minnie

How cute is this little Minnie?!? She is so precious. It may have been this little Minnie's first Halloween as well (I'll have to ask). She made a lovly Minnie Mouse all the same. I love this photo too!!!

Little Minnie "Grace"

How cute is this little Minnie!!! DSL isn't responsible for this Minnie costume, but we did help accessorize:) Her mom already had her Minnie Mouse costume, but DSL provided the ears. We are so happy to accessorize:) This is a beautiful Minnie Mouse costume and a beautiful little girl as well:)

Another little Ladybug

Check out this little lady bug!?! How cute is she? I love the wings on the Ladybug costume. It makes me want to make one is my size:) I hope this little Ladybug had a great Halloween!!

Thanks again to all of you who allowed me to share in your child's Halloween this year, and for sharing pictures with us. As always thanks for stopping by and check out my listings at .




calicodaisy said...

Hi Chrissy: Those are adorable! You came up with some great ideas.
-- Michele

Dee said...

Those are SOOO great!! And the pictures are wonderful!

Michelle said...

I didn't realize you did so many costumes. Awesome work. I am putting Emily's Bee costume up so that she can one day look back at pictures and hold the costume in her hand and realize just how cute and little she was this year. Thanks!