Monday, November 24, 2008

New Line From DSL........

DSL KIDS Winter Wardrobe
Photos taken by Patton Photography
The Winter Models from Left to Right....Alivia, Kyleigh, Kylan, and Emily

This past Sunday, we had our winter photo shoot!! I was so very excited to finally have pictures of all the new things DSL has to offer. Patton Photography did a wonderful job capturing the true essence of each outfit. You can check out her other work by visiting I would defiantly recommend her for all of your photography needs if you are in the upstate.

Let me start by first taking the time to introduce you to the two new models:) I am so very happy to have them and hope that they had a blast:) The little one is Kylan and the other little blonde is Kyleigh his big sister. They are the children of my cousin Misty and her husband Shawn Petras. I feel certain that Kyleigh had a blast, as she loved putting on all of the clothes.

All the little ones did great!!! They never cease to amaze me. I am very fortunate to have extremely well behaved models:)

Kylan wearing "Play Ball"

Kylan wearing "Gingerbread Man"

This outfit is perfect for the mom looking for a matching outfit for her little boy and girl. The girl version would be a brown and white gingham jumper set.

Alivia wearing "Santa's favorite Reindeer"
This outfit like the Gingerbread man can be made in matching little boy and girl outfits. The name on the boy longall would be in a royal blue and a stick font.
Alivia wearing "Turquoise Magic"
Alivia wearing "Bubbles"

Kyleigh wearing "Michael Miller inspired overalls"

Alivia wearing "Children Blocks Brown version"
Kyleigh wearing "Peppermint Christmas"

Emily wearing "Wholly Cow"

Kyleigh wearing "Birthday Girl"

Alivia wearing "I'm a Lit' Tea Pot"

Kyleigh wearing "A Whimsical Forest"
Emily wearing "The Crazy Elf"

Alivia wearing "Mellow Mushroom"
Kyleigh wearing "Brown Toil"
Emily wearing "Peppermint Princess"
Kyleigh wearing "Children's Block Blue Version"
Alivia wearing "An Apple A Day"
Emily wearing "Children's Block Pink Version"
Alivia wearing "A Colorful Day"
Kyleigh wearing "Lit'l Deuce Coup"
Emily wearing "Snow Princess"
Alivia wearing "Dottie Lime Version"
I am so excited about this winter wardrobe. I hope that you find something that you like:)
I would also like to take this time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to take time to truly be thankful for the many blessings in your life. This time of year is very special to me, especially since I was sick. I now truly understand the meaning of being thankful. The thing I am most thankful for this year is a second chance at life. Not everyone is afforded that blessing. I am very grateful that God allowed me more time on this earth with the people I love the most. Thanks so much to all of them for all they have done to help me with DSL Kids. A special thanks to all of you as well!!!
As always thanks for stopping by, and Happy Turkey Day (as Alivia says:).