Monday, December 15, 2008

A Birthday Outfit for Kyleigh.............

A Miracle Baby Turns 4
Kyleigh Alexis Pace

Kyleigh like most little girls loves Hannah Montana. She is quit sure that she wants to be just like her when she gets bigger:) Getting bigger in itself is a miracle for Kyleigh. See Kyleigh was born 3 months early and only weighed a little over 2lbs. She would fit in the palm of your hand. Kyleigh's first crib was in the PICU where she stayed for almost 3 months. Four years later, Kyleigh is a perfectly healthy little girl who suffered none of the side effects they originally predicted from being born early.

Kyleigh had her 4th b-day party at Pump It Up in Greenville where she was treated as a princess. Kyleigh's birthday was celebrated in true Hannah Montana style:)

Kyleigh's b-day outfit consisted of a long-sleeve white shirt with an appliqued present with red with white polka dot cloth. To Kyleigh's specifications her shirt red Birthday Girl in light blue. The bottom of the shirt was decorated with lime green rick rack. The pant was a wide legged pant made of red and white polka dotted light weight material.
Kyleigh the B-day Princess
Kyleigh on her throne

Kyleigh had a wonderful birthday, and DSL Kids was very grateful to be a part of that day. Kyleigh is a very special little girl and we wish her all the happiness in the world:) May Kyleigh always be a Rock Star!!!
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