Monday, September 28, 2009

Newest Halloween Creations......

This Halloween is proving to be very busy!!! I am very thankful !! I have teamed up with Parkkenon Photography to offer my costumes to her photography clients at a discount. Fun...Fun....Fun.....

I always love getting pictures of the little ones in the costumes I create. I will post a Halloween post with all the pictures after Halloween.


Infant Witch


Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Halloween Tote

Minnie Halloween Tote
Sorry for the random photography...they were all orders, so the pictures vary as to where and how I took them. Now you know why I have a photographer:)


Missy said...

CUTE costumes!! My daughter would be in heaven with the Tinkerbell costume.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mommy Words said...

I absolutely love the Minnie Mouse costume. How precious! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog from SITS. I am trying to follow but computer is acting up on me.

Mommy Words said...

Oh there we go now following! You can find me again at!

1st said...

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