Monday, December 14, 2009

Where does the time go?????

It has been forever since I have been on here.......shame on me. I have been crazy busy, which is a great thing:) I survived Halloween...36 costumes. Then managed to design a winter and Christmas wardrobe.....

Winter/Christmas Shoot

I had an amazing group of models for this shoot. I had a lot of first time models which did an amazing job!!! I hope they will continue to model with me in the future. A very special thanks to Sara Collins (Nolan's mom) for arranging my shoot at an amazing farm in Landrum. The name of the farm was Clear View; check out their website.

Also this shoot like all my other shoots would not be possible without my amazing photographer Monica Parkkenon. If you are in the upstate and need a photographer for an upcoming event or just family photos, check out her website!!!

Meet the Models


Alivia is my beautiful niece who has been modeling with me since she was about a year old. I dedicate all my clothing and inspiration to her. She is my little Doodlebug!!! Nolan

This was Nolan's first time modeling with DSL Kids and he did an amazing job. I met Nolan and his mom Sara during the cutest kid contest I hosted with Parkkenon Photography back in the summer. Nolan is one of the most precious little boys I have ever met!!! Nolan is going to be a Big Brother soon exciting...A very special thanks to Sara for getting permission for us to shoot at Clear View Farms and congrats to Nolan and his parents on their soon to be new addition to the family!!!


This was Ashlyn's first modeling experience with DSL Kids too. She did an amazing job. As you can see from my blog...she too isn't new to DSL Kids. She also participated in the cutest kids contest the past summer. She is the daughter of Michelle who works with my husband at Nuvox. Ashlyn is a great little model, who loves you will see from the wardrobe pictures. Ashlyn is a beautiful little girl and I am super excited to have her modeling with me now.


Hunter is very new to DSL Kids. I met her mother Courtney through a little league football team that my husband was coaching. Hunter is such a precious little girl. She is beautiful. She did an amazing job and absolutely loved to wear the Santa Hat:) Hunter celebrated her birthday the Saturday after our shoot...A Very Happy Birthday to Hunter!!!!


This was also Taylor's first modeling experience with DSL Kids. I met Taylor and her mom Cherie through my photographer Monica. Taylor's birthday pictures were amazing and I ask her mom to let her join my Winter shoot. I am so glad that she did. Taylor is a precious little girl with the most beautiful hair and eyes I have ever seen. I hope that Taylor will shoot with us again in the future.


Jayce is the daughter of a girl I used to go to school with. She is a beautiful little girl with a fun personality. Jayce loved the horse at Clear View Farm as was quite sure it was talking to her during the photo shoot. Jayce did a great job...she is precious:)
A very special thanks to all of my models and their parents. Without them, I would just have clothes!!! Also another thanks to my photographer Monica...she rocks!!!!
I will post wardrobe pictures tomorrow!!!